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Scrub the scalp… that’ll do the trick!

Shampooing hair2 Scrub the scalp... thatll do the trick!If you’re a person that constantly deals with dull hair and flaky product build-up, here’s a great remedy: exfoliate the scalp!

You see, styling products lead to build-up on the scalp, making the hair dull and hard to style.  Exfoliating the scalp removes debris, unplugs clogged follicles, and gets rid of excess sebum and dead skin. This practice increases circulation and hair growth, similar to the benefits of facial exfoliation.

Here one exfoliating shampoo that I know does the trick!

For those of you who sport the bald look, stick with your facial exfoliator for your head.  It’s use will ensure your scalp is in just as good a shape as your face!


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