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The Naked Truth About A Failed Dream

Around this time of the year it has become the norm for me to put together some sort of holiday themed suggestion list of grooming ideas and items. However, this year I have decided to go “against-the-grain” and offer something that I personally cannot put [...]

Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Burke Avenue by Craig the...

Guys, It’s been a long time coming, and I’m [...]

Movember – Join the Movement!

Movember – Join the...

Grow a Mo, save a Bro! Guys the month [...]



Hey guys! As promised a few weeks ago, I [...]

Is Shaving Making Your Skin Darker?

Is Shaving Making Your Skin...

A good shave can reveal a lot. A clean face, [...]

Hair Meet Spring.

What good is a great haircut if if you’re unsure how to care for it? And this is especially true as the temperature begins to rise, finally! With Spring quickly approaching it brings with it some really exciting changes, one [...]

A Dandruff Shampoo That Works And Smells Good!

A Dandruff Shampoo That Works...

How many times a week are you bombarded by [...]

Easy Mo’ Trimming With This Trick!

Guys, I know I’m not alone with the need to trim the lip-line of my mustache every few days. So, I felt I should share a simple trick that I not only use on myself, but on many of my [...]

3 Best SPF Moisturizers For Summer

3 Best SPF Moisturizers For...

Memorial Day just passed. So it’s just another indication [...]

How To Treat An Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs always seem to find their way back. So here’s the simplest way to treat, and drastically reduce them from ever returning! [...]

Stop A Shaving Nick In Under A Minute!

Stop A Shaving Nick In Under...

Guys let’s face it, shaving nicks are the worst! No [...]

Moisturizers: This Is How We Use Them!

Moisturizers: This Is How We...

I’m a HUGE advocate for using moisturizers. Not just [...]