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face shape trace1 How To: Determine your Face ShapeI’m often asked, “what approach do I take when it comes to cutting hair?” My answer is very simple. “I cut a man’s hair based on how his face is shaped.” The final hairstyle is designed to complement the overall shape of the face, whether I am highlighting certain facial features or hiding them. The overall result is more often than not, a very happy customer!

So how do you determine what face shape you have in order to help your barber or stylist out? It’s much easier than you think! Here’s what you do.

  • Find a mirror: Choose a mirror in your home that is located in a well lit room. For many, this will be your bathroom mirror.
  • Grab a bar of soap: No you’re not cleaning anything, just get one and I’ll explain.
  • Wet your hair: If your hair shrinks  significantly when wet, consider this option for better face recognition.
  • Draw: Use the bar of soap to trace the shape of your face onto the mirror.
Once this is completed, take note of your shape and then match what you’ve discovered to my FREE –  Free Face Shape Guide. Or better yet. I can help you! Click here for details.
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  1. anon May 5, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    Also note that dry erase markers work on mirrors. Probably better than a bar of soap if available.

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